Friday, 26 October 2012

Grace Church - Nottingham

In cities you often find buildings converted from their original use. In Nottingham the former employement exchange ("dole office") building is now a church.

 Grace Church Nottingham is a Newfrontiers church. It began in September 2002 when Nick and Penny Sharp were commissioned to plant a church in Nottingham. Initially meeting in their Bramcote home before moving to public venues, the church outgrew the Rose and Crown Pub in Lenton and in turn, the John Carroll Leisure Centre in Radford. When Trent Vineyard Church moved out of Meadow Lane in 2003, John Wright (leader of Trent Vineyard) encouraged Nick to move Grace Church into the venue, which quickly became the new home. Being based at the stadium enabled the church to host the Newfrontiers youth festival, Newday, in 2005, attracting some 6,000 people and enabling a whole host of community projects to take place across the city, planned in conjunction with Nottingham City Council.
In November 2009, the church bought the former Ministry of Labour, Employment Exchange building on Castle Boulevard and renamed it 'The Ministry', a name which encompassed the heart of the church for the city. The story attracted significant local press attention and local incumbent MP Lilian Greenwood officially opened the building in September 2010. The church has based its Sunday gatherings, staff team and some of its community action projects there since.

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