Sunday, 22 July 2012

Steam at Shipley

From now until mid September there will be a steam train stopping at Shipley and running through Saltaire every Sunday morning.

The service is called "The Waverley" and it runs from York to Carlisle via Leeds. It is scheduled to   arrive at Shipley at 10.04 am on the outward journey and at 19.23 on the return journey. You will need to be patient sometimes as arriving on time can be a problem for steam trains.

The excursions are organised by the Railway Touring Company, more details can be found at

Todays train was 46115 Scots Guardsman and fortunately for me and the posse of photographers  it was only 5 mintes late arriving in Shipley.

6115 (later 46115)  was built in 1927 by the North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow. It was named Scots Guardsman in 1928 after the Scots Guards. After receiving smoke deflectors, it starred in the 1936 film Night Mail.
6115 was rebuilt in 1947 with a new tapered type 2A boiler, and was painted in LMS 1946-style black livery. It was the first of the rebuilt engines to receive smoke deflectors and the only one to run with them as an LMS engine. It was renumbered 46115 by British Railways in 1948 and was withdrawn in 1965.
Scots Guardsman is one of two preserved Royal Scots, the other being LMS Royal Scot Class 6100 Royal Scot.
46115 was purchased by the West Coast Railway Company and, in 2008, was restored to main-line running status.

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