Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Leeds Overworlds & Underworlds 2

The majority of the events at Leeds Overworlds & Underworlds events took place in The Dark Arches. This was an area of Leeds I had never been to, and I found it fascinating. How the Dark Arches come to be is fascinating too.

  In 1864 it was proposed to build "New Station" in Leeds. Construction began in 1866 and the station was completed in 1869. The new station was built on arches which span the River Aire, Neville Street and Swinegate. The building of the station led to the creation of the 'Dark Arches' over Neville Street. Over 18 million bricks were used during their construction, breaking records at the time. Although the arches appear to be part of one single structure, closer inspection reveals that it is a series of independent viaducts two or four tracks wide. The station is situated next to the terminus of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, but as the station is raised high above ground level it is possible to gain access to the Dark Arches from the towpath.

These two photographs show lights reflecting on barbed wire within the Dark Arches.

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