Friday, 23 March 2012

Bradford City FC Memorial

The Bradford City stadium fire occurred on Saturday 11 May 1985 when a flash fire consumed one side of the Valley Parade football stadium in Bradford, England.

The fire broke out during a football match between Bradford City and Lincoln City, on the day that Bradford City were supposed to have celebrated their winning the Football League Third Division trophy. A total of 56 people died and more than 265 others were injured.

It was unveiled by Lord Mayor Councillor Mohammed Ajeeb and Oberburgermeister of Hamm, Prof. Frau. Sabine Sech, 11th May 1986. Also present Neil Kinnock (then Labour Leader).

Sculptor Joachim Reisner (German, contemporary)

The impact of the disastrous fire at the Bradford CityFootball ground is evident in this memorial and the continuation of fresh flowers surrounding it.

The sculpture depicts three ethereal figures in bronze moving in a broken circle. The broken circle represents the damaged stadium, whilst the figures symbolise the divide between life and death and the rescuers running to offer help. The bronze figures and base are covered in the names of those who lost their lives. The artist said ‘As I cast each letter of each name, I began to realise how enormous had been the damage done by the fire. In some cases the same surname occurred again and again. It was then that I knew how cruel the tragedy had been for those left behind.”

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