Sunday, 11 December 2011

Otley Victoria Fayre and Christmas Market

This was the 26th year that Otley has staged a  Christmas market with a Victorian theme. It should have been a good opportunity for us to take photographs, but unfortunately it rained. I did manage to take a few however.

Details of the steam roller as follows:-

1920 Fowler Steam Tractor – Earl Douglas
Works No. 15748 – Reg. No. EC 3388
This engine originally worked in the Cumbria area. It was also part of the Penrith Steam Museum collection for 25 years.
John Fowler was an agricultural engineer and inventor who was born in Wiltshire in 1826. He worked on the mechanisation of agriculture and was based in Leeds. He is credited with the invention of steam-driven ploughing engines. He died 4 December 1864, following a hunting accident. After his death, John Fowler & Co. which was based in Leathley Road Hunslet Leeds, was then continued by his son Robert Fowler and Robert Eddison. In 1886 the limited company of John Fowler & Co., (Leeds) Ltd., was formed, merging with Marshall, Sons & Co., Ltd., of Gainsborough in 1947 to form Marshall-Fowler Ltd. Production finally ceased in early 1974.

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