Wednesday, 30 November 2011

River Tyne - five bridges

If you look carefully you can see five bridges spanning the River Tyne. The shot was taken from the quayside at Newcastle. The bridges are as follows :-

Tyne Bridge - built 1928
Swing Bridge - built 1876
High Level Bridge - built 1849/50
Metro Bridge - built 1981
King Edward Bridge - built 1906

The obelisk is a memorial to the Methodist Preacher John Wesley who visited Tyneside many times between 1742 and 1792.


  1. wow, the picture is marvelous! such a number of constructions recall u a very busy and uncomfortable place, but in reality it is very charming.

  2. The engineers who designed The Tyne Bridge based it on the Hell Gate Bridge in New York, which is made of 7,112 tonnes of steelwork – including the arch and the approaches. It was struck by a lightning bolt in June of last year, and it literally lit up the road as the sky was dark. It was almost magical, if it weren’t for the flash flooding caused by the heavy rain triggered by the bolt. Here’s an amateur video of a lightning at the Tyne Bridge captured by a local: You may want to check it out. =)

    Salvatore Aguilar