Monday, 14 November 2011

Blackpool Tower

Having posted 100 photographs from Yorkshire, I thought it was a good time to spread my wings and show you my views of the wonderful country that is England.
My first is one of the most iconic buildings in England - Blackpool Tower

Five Tower facts :-

1. It opened to the public 14th May 1894
2. It is 518ft 9 inches tall
3. The same family owned it from its opening until 1964 (The Bickerstaffes)
4.  Since 1930 there have only been 3 resident organists:-
               Reginald Dixon - 1930 to 1970
               Ernest Broadbent - 1970 to 1977
               Phil Kelsall - 1977 to present
5.  The Tower Lounge Bar is a large pub with a capacity of 1700 customers

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