Thursday, 27 October 2011

Salts Mill - Saltaire

This is a view of Salts Mill from Bingley Road in Saltaire

When Salts Mill opened in 1853, it was the biggest factory in the world. 3000 workers toiled away at 1200 looms, producing 30,000 yards of cloth every single day.
The textile industry gradually declined, and by the 1980's the Mill had become virtually

Jonathan Silver purchased the Mill in 1987. It was in poor repair in many parts and didn’t
seem to have much of a future,  but Jonathan didn’t see it that way.
He was undaunted bythe vast project; indeed it thrilled and excited him and by the time of his death 10 years later,he had transformed Salts from an empty, decaying place into a bustling centre for art and commerce. He opened the 1853 Hockney art galleries, and made other areas into restaurants,shopping and office space.

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