Friday, 23 September 2011

Bingley Five Rise Lock

Bingley Five-rise lock staircase is the most spectacular feature of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. It is situated about half a mile north of Bingley Station, about 17 miles north west of Leeds and about 12 miles south east of Skipton.
The locks open directly from one to another, with the top gate of one forming the bottom gate of the next. This unique 5-rise staircase has a total rise of 60 feet.
The Leeds and Liverpool canal has many lock staircases of two or three locks each. Only a few hundred yards downstream is another staircase - this time a 3-rise flight, with a fall of 30 feet. The locks are supervised by a lock keeper and are closed at night. The Bingley 5-rise and 3-rise locks opened in 1774.

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